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    we are all about logical branding & creativity


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    we are all about logical branding & creativity

    Endless Possibilities

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    we are all about logical branding & creativity


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    we are all about logical branding & creativity




THE ART DEPARTMENT is a leading creative branding and media buying agency in India. As an integrated full service design and media agency, we develop smarter branding and marketing solutions that work for our clients. We work on a range of projects from pure brand creation through to full brand implementation across all forms of media and print collateral. That’s not it though.

All this comes with planning and strategy included to ensure that these products not only look good, but produce real results for our clients. We specialise in both branding new businesses and re-branding existing companies.

Here at THE ART DEPARTMENT HQ, we have a bespoke branding process which enables us to identify a client’s business aims, target audience, competitor landscape, core values, USPs and localisation requirements for any expansion which may take place. Once the fundamentals have been identified, the naming and logo creation can begin and, once complete, can be rolled out across all production and printed media to maximize impact.



With a tried and tested strategic and creative process, developed over 17 years of operation, The Art Department Advertising can help you identify your target audience, distill your message and communicate more effectively, separating you from your competition.

logical creative and branding agency

We live in Hyderabad, India. Or at least, that’s where the design studio is. The integrated studio is in a villa with lots of colors, a lot of natural light, some very shiny macs & IBM's and an old table with a chess board. We all sit and work together, with no barriers to communication or our ideas. We’re a big family here, we work together, play together and our clients like to be part of that too. It’s an open house. This is why the fully integrated & full service agency concept really works at TAD.

Our other key strength is that we understand why we’re here. Why our clients keep coming back. We’re a creative branding agency, a good bunch, but we realise that we’re here to help YOU grow YOUR business. We’re a part of that process with you. We love the work that we create. We love what we do. We love our clients!

what we do

listen & understand

We always start a project by asking questions.

The first phase of research and analysis underlines our whole approach.

We want to know about your business, your competitors, your customers, your USPs, your core values and your dreams.

Until we truly understand you and your business, we can’t be sure that our solutions will be as effective as they should be.

We often start by having one of our structured questionnaires, which helps guide the client to share the right information with us so that we can create the right strategy and creative brief to kick things off.


Once we understand the environment we’re in and what our challenges are, we can then create a strategy to achieve our client’s goals.

Whether this plan is a creative branding brief, a media plan, an Online approach, or a 12 month search marketing strategy, the fundamentals of our approach are the same.

Although we have a structured approach to understanding our clients, it’s the output which is guaranteed to be different every time.

We have no ‘off the shelf solutions’ or ‘quick fixes’, just tailored marketing solutions that are quick enough to help get our clients, to where they need to be.

create - the big idea

Once we’ve listened, understood and come up with a plan of what needs to be done, we then look to our creative department to come up with ‘The Big Idea’.

This idea will be the solution; the concept which ties everything together.

As a full service marketing agency, this idea will become a campaign and be rolled out across the brand, including the media campaigns, digital marketing, printed collateral (brochures, direct mail etc.) and POP advertising etc.

implement & evaluate

The implementation of the campaign is key. The message needs to be consistent and integrated. For example, the creative need to connect to the target audience and create sales leads which bring in new business.

And it doesn’t stop there. Once your ‘Big Idea’ is out there – living and breathing – we look to evaluate and improve on what we’ve done, based on real feedback and data from your target audience.

We will paw over these analytics to find any areas where we can strengthen and improve the campaign – going back to ask more questions if the need arises – as you provide more services and your client base grows… and your agency grows with you.

why do we need the big idea

When we work with you, we feel your brand and your marketing need to communicate your story, personality and offering clearly and effectively.

You can’t do that if you’re trying to say 50 things at once.

Our own bespoke process involves a questionnaire and a series of analytics to ensure that we truly understand your business aims, your customer profiles, your competitors and your core brand values. We then use our wealth of experience to simplify this down into a simple message and really identify what makes you, you.

This message is then used across everything; a single message designed to cut through all the noise with your target audience in mind.
This message is the big idea.



THE PROJECT: Vision Avenues Private Limited is an upmarket construction conglomerate catering to the elite of India. Since being established in 2006, the company has grown substantially through constant, groundbreaking innovation and high class quality, leaving its competitors in its wake.

THE ART DEPARTMENT ADVERTISING were brought on-board to work as the client's only retained agency to develop their brand on an ongoing basis, both in India and the International Markets .

Our work first was to re-structure their existing project Infiniti Homes, consisting of 107 Luxury Villas. We felt the brand lacked proper presentation and image positioning in spite of having a perfect goodwill. The good factor of the project was that our client had constructed almost 70% of the project and we took that as an opportunity to showcase the project along with our innovation of presenting it as an American Concept Villa. We re-named soft areas with Barbeque Zones and Drive-in Villas to give an American feel and also suggested the client to construct squash courts, which was a rarity in the Gated Community sector of Hyderabad.

The idea here was to re-launch the new brand with a campaign which would only market the project on its simple but groundbreaking USPs. The campaign was called "The Luxury Revolution" and to enforce the revolutionary feel of the campaign, what better creative direction than a modern take on the green culture and luxury interiors. This campaign concept was then rolled out across all of the collateral which was produced to create a seamless 'blanket' marketing of the sector over a month or two.

Outputs from this project were numerous, the initial reactions were quite over whelming and we had to sustain the campaign for a good 6-7 months. Our target was to make our client sell 75% of its project and we were able to do that in a good 12 months time. A success that we also share with pride.

Our client now has given us a bigger responsibility of handling a bigger community project that would now showcase 350 Villas. We are sure, would make this another success project for our client.

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